Summer Updates: Finalizing Survey Research, Upcoming Presentations

We’ve been busy this summer! Read on for information on where we are at in the project and the conferences we will be disseminating findings at in the future.

We are winding up the survey phase of the Datafied Classroom project. Analysis of the data is revealing some unexpected results that we plan to explore during the interview phase of the project in the Fall. You can hear about the results at upcoming conferences. We’ll be presenting “Student Privacy in the Datafied Classroom: Privacy Practices in an Interconnected World” at the ALISE 2020 conference and “Instructors’ Understanding of and Responses to Student Privacy in the Datafied Classroom” at ASIS&T 2020. As with all of our dissemination efforts, you’ll be able to find preprints, slide decks, and more in our research repository as they become available.

Summer Updates: Finalizing Survey Research, Upcoming Presentations

Amy VanScoy

Dr. VanScoy is an associate professor in the Department of Information Science at the University at Buffalo. Read more about Amy.

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