Welcome to the Datafied Classroom Research Project!

The Student Privacy in the Datafied Classroom project is up and running!

We are looking forward to investigating faculty perspectives of student privacy and their practices in relation to emerging learning analytics tools and initiatives. Over the next three years, we’ll be surveying instructors and conducting in-depth interviews about their perspectives on and knowledge about privacy and how it relates to their instructional practices. We’ll also work with campus groups to develop resources to facilitate conversations about student privacy between instructors, librarians, and instructional designers. It should be an exciting three years!

Our research is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. We appreciate its support to conduct the research and to disseminate the results. Moreover, we have an absolutely wonderful advisory board backing our efforts and providing guidance, and two expert consultants are providing hands-on support.

If you’re interested in keeping up with our project, follow us on Twitter and check-in at the website from time to time.

Welcome to the Datafied Classroom Research Project!

Amy VanScoy

Dr. VanScoy is an associate professor in the Department of Information Science at the University at Buffalo. Read more about Amy.

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